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Time to get Twisted

June 15, 2017

A curious thing happened when Massuni exhibited at the IDS17 show in Toronto. Among the dozen or so styles we displayed was a small coffee table from our new Twist collection. It was part of a stack of tables right at the corner of our booth:


The interesting thing was that a constant stream of people reached out and touched the leg of the table. You might even say some of them caressed it. Twist was definitely one of the hits of the show, and sure enough, the first orders we got were for a Twist dining table, sideboard and two media cabinets.

The customers who placed the order, Nelson and Abby, were great to work with. Nelson used Massuni’s configurator to customize the pieces himself. They were pretty darn pleased when we delivered all four items last week:

Massuni-NelsonFurniture 014b.jpg

Massuni-NelsonFurniture 020b.jpg

Massuni-NelsonFurniture 045.JPG

As we were setting up the table, Abby started running her hand along the leg. I smiled and told her, “Everybody does that!”. Twenty minutes later, their teenage son appeared, and Nelson asked if he liked the new furniture. Guess what he did first?

If you look closely at the edge of the tabletop – a solid slab of 1-1/2″ thick cherry wood – you can see that it has a twist as well, angling from +20 degrees to -20 degrees, sloping in on one end, then twisting and sloping out on the other end of each edge. People often don’t notice this right away, but once they do, the next thing that happens is usually some touching.



Twist is available on the Massuni website.

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