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Massuni Update – August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

This is the first weekly update on Massuni’s progress toward the launch of our custom furniture system. Comments and feedback are welcome.

The big news in the past week was the tremendous response to Massuni’s introductory email blast – much more than I was expecting, to be honest. A lot of people who signed up for ongoing updates were not on the original mailing lists, so the word is spreading, which is great.

The other big news this past week was the addition of a new member to the team. Tiago Vaquero is leaving his post-doctoral work in industrial engineering, mechatronics and AI at the University of Toronto, and is joining Massuni just in time to help us get ready for production. Welcome, Tiago!

In the coming week, we will be starting some usability testing on the configurator system. We would like to observe some volunteers using the system, to see what works and what needs improvement. Is anyone interested in spending an hour or so with us in person if they’re in Toronto, or screen sharing from anywhere else?

The other main goal for this week is to complete a Press Kit. We need to provide some images for inclusion with any stories that are written about Massuni, but what should those images be? A “normal” company would simply showcase their new products, but the whole idea of Massuni is that everyone gets a different product. Alternately, we could provide screenshots of the configurator app, but that’s not very sexy. I hope to get some attention in the design-oriented press, and they really love beautiful photos. Any ideas?

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  1. Bill Barker permalink

    I think it is important to show product that has been made for someone. In my experience people find it difficult to move from concept to completion in their heads. So some finished product would be good. Once you are moving along you will have lots of choice.
    Even prototypes will work.

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