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It can be hard to find the furniture you want. It doesn’t have to be.

August 6, 2014

Unless you’re like my brother-in-law, and you’re perfectly satisfied furnishing your home with whatever is on sale at the nearest Big Box store, buying furniture can be difficult. There are too many factors that have to align in a single object: size, functionality, style, availability, and of course, price. It’s not too hard to hit the mark on two of these factors, or even three, but all of them? To get “that perfect piece” used to take many weekends hunting through retail stores. Now it takes hours browsing through innumerable websites – and while the speed and convenience of shopping online should make the process easier, often it only seems to show you more choices you either can’t afford or that don’t fit your requirements.

The alternative, of course, is to hire someone to build a custom piece. But you have to be pretty determined and committed to go down this road. Finding the right craftsperson, getting that person to follow up in a timely manner, going back and forth on the design, rationalizing the price, and then – wait. The process requires a lot of time and money.

I believe there’s a better way, made possible by technology, ingenuity, and persistence. My small team has spent years codifying “the DNA of furniture”. We dissected furniture of all shapes and sizes and identified the core elements of furniture construction. Then, we developed a universal platform that would enable us to build a broad spectrum of products on a single, highly flexible production line. Then, we developed an interface that made it possible for anyone to create their own furniture – Get an updated picture and price whenever you make a change, and once you settle on a design, press the Order button. You can get almost any piece of furniture imaginable, you just need to imagine it.

I’m going to use this blog to talk about furniture, design, mass customization, startups, and how humans build things (hint: we’re not very good at it). If you haven’t already, please check out the short video on our homepage for an introduction to our system.

Custom furniture, in seconds. Welcome to Massuni.

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